Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wednesday miscellany

A month old concept. Male version should follow but I was just not in the mood for it.

A concept of the fifth main character of Under the Shattered Moon campaign - Kaedyn, the half elf bounty hunter. That was half an hour of sheer fun. I got to enjoy speedpainting!

New concept of Draa. I'm still working on it so I suppose this will suffice. For now. ;) 

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Birthday present frustration

I am exaggerating a little bit of course, but I'm not saying it wasn't a challenge! Anyway, it was my best friend's birthday yesterday and I had this illustration of his character Cromartie and Felicia Day's character Codex  on my mind for... honestly, a year. Knowing me for what I am, the queen of putting things off, I rescheduled it for yesterday - actually, a week ago, since it took me about three days to complete it (between my long pauses, thinking about how great it'll look like once it was done, being a major pain to everyone around me who had the honour to receive a few stages of development of the piece and I have to thank them etc.)

So here are some examples of how my sketch progressed:

And then the fun started. I began listening to Do You Wanna Date My Avatar in endless loops and I pretty much thought about this painting in my sleep. Ergh. I know, I'm obsessing over things, but there's nothing I can do about it really (I even managed to spill coffee all over my pillow and some cables. I did not feel particularly good about it...). Here's the outcome:

I dare say this is my greatest accomplishment so far. Not because of the piece itself but because of the reaction it provoked in my friend when he finally received it, printed out and framed. I'm telling you, it's worth drawing not only for the sake of sharing your talent and making the world a prettier place, but for the sake of those strong emotions you awake in others.  

The next thing you can expect from me is some Avatar - the last airbender fanart. ;)