Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Wild Magic

I've promised a new post about my latest illustration days ago and yes of course, I've been postponing it. So, I'll try to cut this short as I'm sure as hell nobody's reading these texts anyway. If you do, well, drop a comment or something. I need some feedback damn it! And I like comments. Comments are nice. I am sort of an egoistic bastard.

Anyway, I have to say this was probably one of my most detailed illustrations yet. I've never actually intended to go that deep into it but it sort of sucked me in. Then, when I was half way there, I knew I couldn't leave it like the rest of them. Drawings.

After I inked it and threw in some basic colors and lined up the samples, I realized it could be used for this 3D project I'm working on right now (It should be done by march. It's my final project for college. I'll share sneak-a-peaks as I go, don't worry).

Right. I threw in the sketch just to show you how messy it is. I am a messy line artist. I also forgot to buy leads for my pencil (yes, I don't normally use wooden graphite pencils. Problem?). Anyway, it looked sharp enough after inking in Photoshop. Time for step 2.

Here's the line up with base colors laid out. At this point, I had consulted a couple of friends and we chose the color scheme together. The first one looked like Morrigan of Dragon Age a wee bit too much (she was my main inspiration though) so after thinking through, having considered that my character was a water/ice mage and taken into account my preference for women with darker skin, we chose the sample number 4 from left to right.

So here's the result of slouching in front of the screen for 3 days (you can click to see the details):

Now all I need is a name for her. She's a renegade mage (apostate). I had Torio in mind. Suggestions? Thank you.

And thank you Kerem Beyit for the influence.

Just something I listened to while I worked. Dragon Age music is very inspiring. <3


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