Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Emitor cover

Seriously, I need to start writing a diary. Maybe, if I had kept more than, what, one and a half of them when I was younger, I probably wouldn't feel the need to include the word "frustration" into each and every of my post titles (it's a good thing that I change that, you know, eventually. When I rethink.) All of a sudden, video journal sounds awesome.

Anyway, I'm saying this because in the past week I've been working on a somewhat bizzare illustration that brought me so much joy (ok, I'm lying again. I haven't been drawing all week, just to be clear. Mostly because my sketches were awful and I wanted to shoot myself in the head) and some frustration. So, right. The illustration was a commissioned work for the cover of a sci-fi magazine, Emitor, issue 480. Yay! My own personal little jubilee. Happy dance is in order. Anyway, I feel obliged to post the link to their forum - Znak Sagite although I'm afraid most of you (my loyal 7 followers) won't understand it. Because it's in Serbian. Fyeah.

I am aware that some people blame me for the delay of this month's issue, because, I admit, I was late with the drawing, so I'm seizing an opportunity to say sorry.

I'm sorry. I AM.

Yes, it's a pink dead My Little Pony with a pony Alien in its torn chest. And the blood? I know, right. There's no fee in the world that will ever bring me so much joy as the opportunity to kill a pony. A My Little Pony, not the actual halfling of the horse world. 

This phase was fairly easy once I had the sketch laid out. The coloring was an experience of a roller coaster ride inside the mind of a preadolescent girl suffering from ADD. The background, my eternal arch nemesis, was a different story though. Since the idea was not originally mine, I was suggested to create a happy-go-lucky atmosphere, much like this - holy bejesus. I was aware that I did not have much time left so I reimagined it and decided to go minimalistic. The black background was too much, pitch dark killed the roller coaster fun of colors, which made me embrace the compromise.

The Stargate burried in the green meadow has absolutely nothing to do with the picture nor does the stained glass window. I'm just kinda hooked up on Stargate Atlantis these days. But hey, there are PowerPuff Girls in this picture somewhere in parallel universe too, so don't worry. Also, for the really hardocore fans, the clouds are a homage to Monkey Island 3.

Maybe, some day, I might add stuff to the background. Maybe. Probably not. But it's a good idea nevertheless.


  1. You're a great artist and person! I follow you with attention! ;) Hugs and kisses.Natasha

  2. Thanks! ;) Not much to follow so far, but there will be more